Countdown to Gorgeous

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You’ve picked out the dress, the flowers, and the cake…now it is time to make your complexion part of the planning process.

To make an appointment for your complimentary Special Event Consultation.

Weddings can be a series of several different activities: engagement parties, showers, photos sessions, rehearsals, and then finally…the big day.  If you are planning for a flawless complexion for this event consider your time line of events to ensure the best outcome.

With a wide variety of innovative aesthetic treatments, our clinicians will design you a personalized beauty timeline to ensure that you have a beautiful flawless glow for your special day.
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Bridal & Events Skin Care Checklist

6 to 9 months before

  • Come in for your complimentary Consultation with Dr. Ode Young in order to design a customized treatment program
  • Laser Hair removal Treatments – underarms, legs and bikini, lip or chin if necessary
  • Retexturizing such as Rejuvapen/Halo
  • PhotoTherapy/ BBL Treatments
  • Botox or Fillers
  • Have your Aesthetician design a customized skin health regimen including an effective retinal, vitamin C/Antioxidant Serum, eye cream and appropriate Sun Protection.
  • Test your wedding makeup

3 Months Before

  • Begin Thermi250 Treatments in select areas for tightening and cellulite
  • PhotoTherapy/ BBL
  • Rejuvapen for Texture issue and scarring
  • Peel Treatment
  • Filler Follow Up
  • PRP – Give your Boobs a Boost

1 Month Before

  • Cut Dairy From your Diet
  • Pre Wedding Botox
  • Test your Spray tan
  • Make appointment for Acne BBL just in case of a flare up
  • Bridal protrait makeup

2 weeks before

  • Get a massage
  • Get a new lip color
  • Use an at home brightening or clay mask
  • Get a Dermaplane so all of your pre event and day of makeup goes on flawlessly

1 Week before

  • Receive a Hydrafacial MD or Oxygenating Trio Treatment to smooth and brighten your complexion
  • Make sure you are staying hydrated
  • Stay away from salty food and too much alcohol

The Big Day

  • Breathe, Smile, Be Joyous and Relax