Smooth your fine lines and wrinkles
Injectables & Fillers

Daily life shows no signs of slowing down so busy clients turn to immediately gratifying,easy and minimally invasive treatments to soften fine lines and wrinkles and enhance your facial structure. O Young MD offers a range of cosmetic injections and dermal fillers that increase volume, reduce wrinkles, and improve ones overall facial contour. Dr. Ode Young customizes treatments and meets clients needs when adding a natural looking lift and well-rested appearance by smoothing unwanted expression lines, enhancing lips and diminishing the lines around them, and softening folds. Fine lines can be eliminated and wrinkles dramatically improved when Dr. Ode administers injectables such at Juvederm, Restylane, Silk, Voluma or Botox with a refined skill that provides amazing aesthetic outcomes for her clients.

Dr. Ode insists on evaluating and performing all Botox and Injectable treatments herself for optimal results and safety.