ClearScan Yag

What is ClearScan YAG?

ClearScan YAG is a safe and effective procedure that uses laser technology (Nd:YAG crystal) to permanently reduce or remove unwanted hair. It can also treat vein and vascular conditions, including leg veins and spider veins, broken capillaries, port-wine stains, warts, and toenail fungus.

How does ClearScan YAG work?

A computer-guided scanner delivers laser light to large treatment areas and does so in a way that is precise and uniform with continuous cooling of the skin. The laser light emitted has a wavelength of 1064 nanometers, making it ideal in heating and absorbing oxyhemoglobin and melanin within broken capillaries, veins, and hair follicles. ClearScan YAG’s large area pattern generator (LAPG) offers fast, non-sequential scanning, powerful cooling, and its flat-top beam profile provides optimal results and patient comfort during the procedure.

Will ClearScan YAG work for me?

ClearScan YAG is the treatment of choice for all skin types, including tanned skin, and for light and dark hair.

What is the treatment like?

A sterilized high-speed scanner handpiece is placed on a treatment area of the body as laser energy is pulsed onto the skin. The patient may feel a slight rubberband-like snapping on the skin and possibly some warmth. However, there is minimal discomfort during and after the procedure. The length of treatment depends on the size of the area to be treated, but many procedures can be completed in minutes.

What aftercare do I need?

Patients experience minimal downtime and can in fact return to daily activities immediately after treatment. You may experience redness, but it will fade in time. It is recommended that you avoid direct sun radiation to treated skin areas for several weeks. Be sure to apply sunblock before going outdoors.

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